By now, we’re well-aware of the headaches caused by sinus infections.

But the headaches may not be related to the infection, according to new research.

New research published in the journal Current Biology suggests that the headaches associated with sinusitis are not due to the inflammation associated with the infection.

It’s not just headaches, according the study authors, that are associated with infection.

The study found that, among the 3,716 people who received sinus surgery, headaches were associated with an increased risk of infection.

Previous studies have linked the increased risk to infections and infections associated with inflammation.

But this new study, led by the University of Toronto, found that inflammation was not associated with headache pain.

It is important to note that the authors did not link infections to the headaches.

The study only looked at headaches in patients with an underlying condition, such as a brain tumor.

But the authors said the study found evidence that inflammation is associated with headaches.

“It is possible that inflammation causes the headaches,” the authors wrote.

“It is also possible that the migraines are related to inflammation.”

This new study does not mean that sinus surgeries are necessarily safe, but it does provide more evidence that the headache is not caused by inflammation, the authors write.

And if you are experiencing headaches, your doctor can advise you on what treatments are right for you.

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