Posted October 20, 2018 10:20:47The most common types of implants are titanium, titanium dioxide, titanium mesh and silicone.

The main drawback of the new technology is that the silicone can be difficult to work with, which makes it harder to repair a damaged tooth root.

The new dental implant has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use by adults aged between the ages of 18 and 25, and it can be used either with or without a tooth implant.

Dr Sarah Wahl, director of dental practice at Wahl Hospital in Perth, said the implant was “very comfortable and easy to use” and it was “extremely well designed”.

“The way it’s built is very similar to the way you’d put a denture, which is the crown,” she said.

“It’s quite comfortable, it’s very light and it has a good level of comfort, so we’ve been really pleased with it.”

“It feels like you’re wearing a bracelet on your teeth.”

The implant is not a replacement for a regular dental implant, but it can help with the healing process after an injury or tooth decay.

Wahl said the dental implant was a good example of the dental industry coming up with innovative and cheaper ways to help patients regain their lost teeth.

“We have had patients come in with pain after a tooth decay or a root fracture and they were quite concerned about their implants, so this has really made their pain go away,” she told AAP.

“You can also use it for other things like headaches, which are pretty common, and you can also treat other types of problems that might have come up with the implant.”

Dr Wahl said she hoped the implant would help patients “recover as quickly as possible”.

“I think it’s a great solution for people, because you can now get dental care for the time being, and if there is anything else that comes along that you need or want, it’ll be very affordable and easy for people to have,” she added.

The dental implant costs around $1,000 for an average person.

The FDA approved the device last month, but there are some complications.

Dr Wamp said some people had experienced discomfort with the implants, but she hoped that the device would be approved soon.

“I’m really hoping that they get this thing approved,” she joked.

“Hopefully the first year of it, and then they’ll get the rest of it approved, and hopefully we can get a little bit more traction.”

The dental implants will be available in January, but Dr Wahl and other dental professionals will also be offering a complimentary consultation to patients on the advice of a nurse practitioner.

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