The Walt Disney Company has released a brand new line of Disney-branded tooth fairy toys for preschoolers.

The new line includes a tooth pick, a water bucket, a toothbrush, a bottle opener, and a small “Tiny Tooth Fairy” doll.

The tooth fairy dolls will be available in December at $1.99 each and include a Disney Princess, Princess Jasmine, Belle, and Mulan.

The dolls have been created using a combination of art and 3D modeling.

They feature the princesses’ signature facial expressions and a Disney voice over.

A new line, the Disney Tooth Fairy, is also available.

The brand new dolls will include a toothpick, a fountain pen, and an attachment that can be used to fill a tooth.

The toys will retail for $19.99.

The Tooth Fairy line will be in stores and on select toy and apparel stores beginning November 19.

For more information on the Tooth Fairy brand, visit the Disney website.

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