(AP) How do you find a dentist in your town?

There’s no surefire answer.

But there are plenty of easy answers.

Here are five of them.


Find a place to visit the dentist.

This is the most obvious, but it’s also one of the most overlooked: A dentist visits patients in person.


Choose a dentist.

There’s a reason why people like dentists.

It’s a convenient and safe way to have a dentist visit.


Choose the dentist based on your location.

You’ll get a good experience if you go to your dentist’s office, or if you get a referral from a friend or relative.


Get a referral.

A dentist can refer you to a doctor or other health care provider.

But many dentists don’t advertise on health care websites or in print.

You can also get referrals from a trusted dental professional, such as a family doctor or a nurse practitioner.


Be sure to pay.

The cost of a visit depends on where you go.

Your state’s dental insurance company usually covers the cost of the visit.

Be aware that you can be billed for unnecessary visits and services.

Your dentist might ask you questions about your insurance.

Check with your health insurance plan to see what the bill is.

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