How do you know if your child’s front tooth is getting too old?

A new study says you can tell by the age of the root of the tooth.

For some children, it could mean they have bleeding fungus.

The researchers found the age is the most significant predictor of how often the fungus attacks the tooth, but other signs are more telling.

Here are five things to watch out for:1.

The tooth can’t get a good brushingThe age of your childs front tooth will tell you a lot about whether they’re getting too young for a good brush.

Researchers looked at the ages of more than 100 people who took part in a national survey.

Some of them were young enough to have had their first brush, and some were old enough to be taking a daily toothbrush.

They found that the more they age, the less likely they are to get a decent brush.2.

It’s a big difference in tooth colorThe tooth color of your kid’s front teeth is also a predictor of their chances of getting fungus.3.

It may be a bigger problem in some childrenIt’s not a big deal if your front tooth isn’t getting a good, regular brushing, but if it’s getting worse, you’re more likely to have bleeding fungi.

“It’s a good indicator that the fungus is there,” said lead author Dr. Jennifer Kavanagh, an associate professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.4.

It could be a problem with the gumThe gum can also affect the color of the front teeth.

If it is stained with dark blood, the fungus can grow on the surface of the gum, causing the tooth to look more like a ball of fungus.

But if the gum is clean and smooth, the tooth can have a clear white appearance.


It doesn’t mean you have a problemThere are a few things that could cause the infection.

It could be the gum itself, which can be prone to breakage, or a toothbrush that has been improperly rinsed.

And if the toothpaste has been used for years, it can be a factor.

Dr. Jennifer A. Kavanagas and her colleagues say a child’s age is more important than the appearance of the teeth.

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