A key part of the Blue Tooth Keyboard is a tooth fairy.

The fairy, which is attached to a tooth and acts as a toothbrush, allows the user to remove excess blue teeth or to help restore teeth to their original color.

It can also be used to remove tartar buildup.

“It’s a miracle that it’s there,” said Dr. Paul Rietberg, the dental assistant at the Roseville Regional Medical Center.

“It can be an emergency tool.

It’s just wonderful.”

Rietberg said that if the tooth fairy is used for brushing, the patient can quickly rinse out the toothbrush and clean it, then return to the dentist’s office for an extraction.

“The blue tooth fairy has a special ability to keep teeth in their original state,” he said.

“The blue teeth don’t grow back, so the fairy helps them to regrow.”

Richeng said he used to use tooth fairy to help treat patients who had damaged or lost their teeth.

But, after learning the procedure was not as effective as traditional dentures, he changed his mind.

Rietng said a Blue Tooth is a very effective tool.

“We’ve got an excellent chance of saving a person’s life if they can use the fairy,” he told ABC News.

Richeing out tooth fairyA tooth fairy may be the only dental tool that works for all patients, said Dr

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