The best Apple iPhone earphones for beginners.

Read moreRead moreApple recently announced its new iPhone EarPods for beginners and those who are on the fence about buying a new phone.

The iPhone EarPod is a pair of headphones that are made from soft silicone, similar to the ones that come in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

They are lightweight and are designed to fit around your ear, but don’t sound like the same earbud as Apple’s EarPod headphones, and have an extra-large, angled earcup for your mouth.

The EarPoys are available in five colors: rose gold, black, white, silver and rose gold.

They cost $199, or £180, and are available from Apple’s website for $149.

The EarPoyles are now available in Australia, Japan, South Korea and the UK.

The iPhone Earpoys are designed by Apple to make the most of the space inside your ear.

It has an earcup that sits on top of your ear and sits snugly against your ear so you don’t need to put your whole ear on the ear.

The earpods are also made of an elastic band that keeps the earpoyles in place.

There is no earpad inside, and you need to insert the earphones into your ears.

They are not as flexible as the earbeads, so you need a small amount of pressure to put them in place, or use a small flat tool to gently slide them in.

The earpoys look like earbombs and feel like a pair and are incredibly comfortable, with the earpieces sliding smoothly on your ear to make them look good.

They also have a large, angled headband for your face, which is great for people who have thick, heavy or oily skin.

Apple has also added a small speaker in the earpiece to help you get your message across.

The speakers sound good, but the earplugs are a bit loud, so if you want to listen to music, you need an external audio source.

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