By Jennifer Stapleton | 09 February 2018 04:06:11In an interview with CNN, a tooth fairy named Tara has said that she has had a tooth absolving experience that she will never forget.

In the CNN interview, Tara told host Kate Bolduan that she went to the dentist for a root canal two weeks ago, and while she had a great experience, she also had a lot of dental issues.

She said that they didn’t really see any issues at first, and then they started seeing the cavities grow out of control.

In her experience, Tara said she was in the “full flow” of the tooth fairy when she had her abscess.

But that did not mean that she had been receiving the abscess treatment properly.

“They’re not looking at the root canal, they’re not doing the absolution.

So, the root canals are not going to heal, they don’t have the proper tools,” Tara told Bolduan.

Tara, who was also interviewed on ABC TV’s Q&A program, said she had had two tooth absolutions before and that both were really positive.

But now she is back to seeing the teeth grow in the tooth absences and is feeling really bad about that.

“You’re thinking, ‘How could that happen?'” she said.

“It’s just not the right treatment for the root.”

Tara said that while her teeth are getting larger, she is also getting stronger.

But she said she does not think the absolutions will ever end.

“There’s always going to be a hole,” she said, adding that she does believe the absences will “come back”.

Tara was recently featured in a story in the ABC’s Health, which highlighted the dental industry’s growing health issues, particularly in rural communities.

But the dental profession has also come under scrutiny recently after reports that the dentists at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne are not required to get a licence to practise.

Dr Paul De Silva, who chairs the Australian Dental Association’s dental committee, said that dental professionals were not required by law to obtain a licence, which he said is not the case for dentists.

“That’s not the law in Australia.

If they do require a licence they don ‘t do it,” he said.

In an emailed statement, the RCA said that the dental licensing authority has a role in licensing dentists and that it was “reviewing the role of dental licensing in the dental workforce”.

“As a general rule, there is no requirement for dental licensing for dentistry in the profession,” the statement read.

“Licensing and qualifications in this industry are very high and require a professional understanding of the profession, as well as the skills to practice in the area.”

This review will take place in the coming months.

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