How much do you know about tooth decay?

That’s one of the questions we’re hoping to answer with this quiz.

It’s designed to give you a little bit of background information and to help you decide what to do if you suspect your dentist might be a little behind on your dental care.

Read more Questions answered on:When to get dental careHow much should I be getting to make sure my dentist is up to date on tooth decay advice?

Can you use dental care as a preventative measure?

When is the best time to visit your dentist?

What should I expect to see at my dentist?

Should I go for a routine checkup?

What is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay?

“If I have a tooth infection that’s not going away, what can I do?

Can I get a dental fill-up?

Can my dentist do preventive care?

How long does it take to get my dentist’s attention?

If you have a chronic tooth disease, can you have your dentist check up on your symptoms regularly?

What are the most common reasons your dentist is behind?

If your dentist says they’re not up to the task of keeping up with your dental health, can they explain why?

Should you have to take a test?

What happens if you go to a dentist who isn’t up to speed on your dentist needs?

What if my dentist tells me they can’t do a checkup due to the nature of the disease?

What can I expect if I go to my dentist who is behind on their tooth care?

What you can do to prevent dental decay:

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