An old tooth absense treatment that was causing the problem is getting a new life in the hands of a California dentist.

The treatment, called Tooth Abscess Treatment, works by using a mixture of toothpastes and water to treat tooth absences caused by the tooth’s surface cracks.

Dr. Daniel L. Wahl of the University of Southern California told CNN that this new formulation of Tooth Absence Treatment has been a hit in California, where it’s been used to treat hundreds of cases of cavities since 2015.

“It works great,” he said.

“I’ve had hundreds of people call and say they’ve had the dental equivalent of an abscess.”

Wahl said he was also able to find a new source of the medication in the California Health Care Authority’s drug supply chain, which has been in the news in recent years.

The agency is currently looking for another manufacturer for its next batch of the drug, and he’s hopeful the manufacturer can find another manufacturer willing to supply it to the health care system.

“This has been an incredibly successful, timely intervention,” Wahl said.

Wahl has found some patients who were treated with the medication are reporting better outcomes. 

But the treatment is not approved for use by patients over the age of 55.

In a statement, the FDA said the new formulation is a “new” formulation of the tooth absolution treatment, but there are currently no new safety reports to document. 

The agency also said there are no reports of adverse effects. 

“While we continue to monitor this medication closely, there are indications of a limited number of reports of side effects,” the statement read.

“Because the agency does not have sufficient data to support these reports, the agency is not currently recommending the FDA approve this medication for use for the treatment of cavitating oral disease.”

Wahls group is working with other dental organizations and dentists in California to find other manufacturers for the drug.

“We’re hoping to find another manufacturing partner who is willing to produce the next batch,” he told CNN.

Wahl is hoping to have the drug in clinical trials by the end of this year, but he has been working closely with the state health care authority and the California Department of Public Health to make sure the drug is safe.

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