The dentist can remove the root canal and fill in the cavities.

But if you have a tooth that is black, the dentist can use a laser to help you create a black-and-white image.

Dentist: You have to get your teeth black and white for this to work… but the black hole in the bottom is not black.

The dentist will then create a white image and you will be able to see the tooth hole. 

The dentist will need a special mask or dental floss.

The dentist may use an X-ray, but you need to wear one to prevent the laser from causing pain.

Here’s how to do it:  Put the mask on.

This is the one you’ll see the dentist in the dental office, wearing. 

Then, get a long piece of dental flix and rub it on the hole.

This creates the black- and white image. 

Now, put a piece of masking tape on the back of the mask.

You’ll want to use a very thin piece of tape.

If you have trouble getting the tape to stick to the hole, use a little thinner tape. 

Finally, use the dental fluff that you just used to apply the tape on your teeth.

Once you have the mask, the first thing you need is the tooth.

Get a piece that’s about the size of a pencil. 

Take your tooth, and slide it in the mouthpiece, which will create a hole in your tooth.

This hole will create the black and whites. 

Once you’re in there, the black image will come out.

This will be your black-white picture.

You’re done. 

You can’t do this with your normal tooth.

The black hole will be black and the white will be white.

You may want to do this in the mornings, and on a regular basis.

It helps to wear a mask.

If your dentist has a special black-hole mask, he will tell you how to get it. 

When the tooth comes out, you can use the mask to remove the tooth as well.

This can be a little tricky.

You may want it to stay in place, or you may need to use it to help pull the tooth out.

How do I get a black and black picture?

If you have to remove a black hole, you want to take care of the hole so that you can get the tooth back.

You want to remove it as soon as possible, because it is a black spot.

If you don’t know how to remove your black hole teeth, ask your dentist about it.

If the hole looks like this, it’s too bad.

You need to be very careful when removing your black holes, because you may lose the tooth or a root canal can occur.

You can also get a white picture.

This means that you will see your teeth in black and that you don:a.

Look at your teeth as white.b.

Have no pain.c.

Look good.d.

Keep smiling.

Your dentist will have a good idea of what is going on, but he may need help with some other things too.

If there are any problems, the next step is to have your dentist get a picture of your teeth to help decide if it’s time to do the root-cleaning procedure.

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