The tooth fairy tale is a popular and beloved childhood favorite.

It is a simple story about a boy who becomes the owner of a fairy that has a magical ability to turn any tooth into a fairy tooth.

The tooth crown costs around $30 but the fairy can be purchased for as little as $10.

There are many other things you can do with your tooth fairy, including make it your own or make it a centerpiece for a wall or display.

How to create a tooth fairy with a tooth crown How to make a tooth-shaped tooth fairy from scratch.

Make it out of cotton, paper, or plastic.

Find a small wooden box.

Cut a piece of the fairy, and cut it in half.

Place the pieces on top of each other, making sure they are all parallel and level.

Place a piece in the middle, and place a piece at the top.

The crown is made from a paper towel.

You can cut out the tooth and place it on the crown, but you will need to take care of the rest of the tooth fairy.

First, take out the bottom piece of paper towel and place the tooth at the bottom of the box.

You should not use the tooth.

You may need to remove the paper towel to make room for the tooth, but if you do you should make sure it is level and parallel with the rest.

Now, place the rest on top.

Place each tooth in the center, with the top piece at about one inch above the bottom.

You will have about four pieces of paper in your box.

Each tooth is about one and a half inches long.

You want the bottom one of the paper towels to cover the top tooth, and the top one of paper towels cover the bottom tooth.

Take the paper that is left over from the tooth box and cut the middle piece of tooth.

Using the paper to cut out a tooth, place it in the box, and secure the crown with a piece.

If you are making a tooth from a tooth box, you will have to use two different types of paper.

The paper you will be using is the type that comes in the plastic box, which has a plastic ring around the outside, and that has an adhesive band at the center of the ring that you can put on with glue.

When you are finished, remove the box and place each tooth on top, with all four pieces at about two inches apart.

To make the crown out of paper, you can use any paper you want to use.

For this tooth fairy you will want to start with a paper that has been cut with scissors and glued to the paper.

Now use glue to make two sides of the crown.

Make sure the middle of the middle and the bottom are parallel to the top and bottom.

Place one piece of gum paper on top and secure with glue the top half of the gum paper with a string.

Next, place a paper plate on top to hold the crown together.

If it is a plastic tooth, you may need a piece to hold it in place.

Then, take a piece and secure it with glue with a ring at the middle.

Then place the bottom and middle pieces of gum on top again, and attach the top with a band at about an inch above and at the back of the top gum.

Finally, attach the bottom portion of the base with glue and attach it to the crown using glue at the end.

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