Mariah Thomas, who is the first woman to officiate the National Women’s Hockey League, was a referee in the United States for more than 50 years.

Now she is helping other women get the call right in the National Hockey League.

The sport’s first women’s referee has a unique job to do.

Mariah Thomas was a hockey referee in California and now serves as a referee for the National Football League.

She said she has an amazing sense of humor.

She likes to get her own laugh, but also loves to teach people how to be better, she said.

Thomas said she would love to be called by an NHL team and be able to help coach the team’s young women.

Thomas started refereeing for the NHL in 1976, a year before she was hired as a coach at the University of North Carolina.

She retired from the National Basketball Association in 1989.

She went on to serve as a hockey coach at UC Santa Barbara and was an assistant coach for the women’s National Hockey Team.

Thomas has a lot to learn about the game, she added.

She said she was a coach on the U.S. women’s national hockey team in 1999.

Thomas was named the first female NHL referee in 2000.

Thomas and the first women to officate in the NHL have been known to share stories.

Thomas’ passion for the game has been shared many times.

Her husband, David Thomas, has officiated at the Stanley Cup Final, World Championship, Olympic Games and World Championships.

She has officited games for the United Kingdom and Canada.

Thomas will be the first referee in any professional sports to serve on the league’s officiating committee, which oversees the NHL.

The committee meets once a week to discuss the league and referees.

The committee has not yet announced who will serve as the first officiating female referee, but they will consider candidates for a position in the league office, which includes the league president, executive vice president, general manager and chief operating officer.

Thomas is the only woman to have ever officiated in the men’s National Football Association.

Her first game was in 1984 and she was named referee of the year in 1984 by the American Hockey League and won the league award.

Thomas became the first African-American referee in women’s pro hockey when she officiated the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals.

She was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1997.

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