Posted April 25, 2018 07:15:51A honeymoon at a local hotel in France turned into a nightmare after the owner decided to turn on the tap to make a sweet tooth for his guests.

But the story isn’t all bad.

A local honeymoon guide had no idea she was giving away her honeymoon honey, as she gave away her tooth root.

Her hotel room was filled with guests who had a taste for sweets.

The hotel staff took the tooth root and gave it away.

But a week later, when she was back at her hotel, the tooth was gone.

So the honeymoon fairy was left with a toothless mouth.

The Honeymoon Fairy told CBC News that she had never been this sad before.

She said: ‘I don’t know how to describe it.

It’s a horrible feeling to be left with no tooth.

It’s like there’s nothing left.

I’m left with nothing but a tooth.’

“It’s really sad, but it’s also kind of funny.

You see it happen every day, you get a taste of the tooth and then you think, ‘I’m going to give it back.'”

The hotel had never thought to give away their tooth root before.

They were thinking it was just a treat and then it’s gone.

“The hotel has now been contacted by the Honeymoon Festival in France.

Honeymoon Fairy said:’It’s sad, it’s sad because it’s not the tooth that I’m given.'”

You don’t get to decide what you give away.

It is the tooth.

It has to be given away to somebody who is worthy of it.

“The HoneyMoon Fairy told the CBC that she has no plans to return to France.

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