A dentist in Victoria, B.C., has made headlines by offering to pay patients with tooth problems up to $100 to have them removed.

Derek Dyson has since apologized for his actions and promised to pay $100,000 to the patients.

The practice has sparked criticism from the B.A.C. Medical Association, who said the practice should be banned.

“I think the practice is inappropriate and is not in the public interest,” Dr. Anne McLeod, president of the BC Medical Association told CBC News.

We’re calling for the government to suspend the practice until they have a better way of doing this.

“The practice is based at the Mount Carmel General Dentistry in Victoria.

According to the BMA, dentists can also refer patients for dental surgery.

Dr. McLeod said that while dental surgery has been done in Victoria since the 1950s, she has never seen a patient who had a root canal or had a toothache that required treatment.”

This is something that we’ve been doing for thousands of years, and it’s just completely out of our understanding,” she said.”

The practice of dentistry is not a new idea.

“Dental surgeons say it is important for dentists to be honest and transparent with patients.”

It’s about communicating to patients that they have options to get dental care.””

It’s about making sure that the dental health of the patient is maintained.

It’s about communicating to patients that they have options to get dental care.”

Dr. Dyson was fired from his position after being contacted by CBC News, but refused to back down.

He said he would now be working with the BAA to get the practice shut down.

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