Tooth fairy boxes, tooth crowns, and tooth necklace ideas are a staple of children’s toy-filled worlds.

Here are some of the more creative ideas that came to mind for adults.


Tooth fairy box 1.1 The tooth fairy is a popular character in children’s literature and film, and in many countries is also the face of the popular tooth fairy story Tooth Fairy by the children’s author Alice in Wonderland.

A tooth fairy has a crown in her mouth and a smiley face on her lips, and she can hold a small piece of candy in her teeth, which she puts into the mouth and drinks.

The tooth is given back to the child in return for a tooth.

The box contains a variety of tooth fairy dolls, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothbrush cartridges, tooth brushes, tooth paste, tooth-brush cartridges and toothpaste bottles.

Some tooth fairy boxes are filled with toothpaste or toothbrush.

The fairy also carries a large wooden spoon, which is a favorite for children and adults alike.

1 .2 Tooth fairy necklace This is a tooth jewelry necklace.

The jewelry is usually made of gold or silver, with a gemstone at the top.

The necklace comes with a ring and earrings.

There are various ways to make this necklace, including making a necklace of silver rings or gold bracelets.

It can also be made of copper wire or a string of beads, but it can also look like a gold chain.

If you like, you can make this a tooth-brushing necklace, too.

The jewel in this necklace is made of two pieces of silver or gold wire, with gold beads on one side and silver beads on the other.

If it’s silver and gold, you’re wearing gold jewelry.

The other piece of the jewelry is made up of a piece of gold wire that is tied with gold-plated silver string.

The beads are attached to the gold wire with silver strings. 1

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