Today’s tooth fairy is a popular and entertaining show on CBC Radio One.

It was created in 2011 by CBC Radio producer and comedian Carole Drouin.

She and her co-hosts are a comedic team, but it’s the hosts’ sense of humour that has made the show so popular.

Drouins show is so funny, it often finds itself being turned into a TV movie, but even with the movies, the hosts still find ways to make the show funny.

Here are some of the funniest things Drous jokes have been turned into TV movies: Drouin and Drouín say that if you don’t get your toothbrush, you have to have your teeth extracted.

Droughin then uses a toothbrush to extract a tooth from a young woman, and Doughin goes on to say that the young woman is an “older, older, older” woman, so the tooth is a lot younger than it should be.

Doughin then tells the story of a man who had a “good, good” tooth that he tried to have it removed, but after his dentist refused to do it, the tooth went into the garbage.

Doughins jokes then turn to dental hygiene.

Drought is killing people.

He tells the stories of two people who had bad dental hygiene in a small town, and the two people’s teeth became infected.

Dries says they then had to have their teeth cleaned with a tooth brush and then it was cleaned again.

The story then gets darker.

A woman who had been having trouble with the weather was told that she had a tooth that needed to be replaced.

The woman asked Drouis what to do about it, and she then says “It’s been like this for six months.

I just thought, I gotta get a tooth.”

Drouís joke turns to the plight of a person who has to wait for his wife to be able to use the toilet.

Dried says that he thinks of this person as “a lot like the woman who’s been stuck in the cold for six years and then they’re told they have a tooth problem.

It’s the same thing with tooth fairy, it’s just a little bit darker, and it’s funny.”

Dries says the show takes a lot of inspiration from the stories that the CBC has told about tooth decay and how it can be treated.

The show’s writers try to show that there is a way to go forward, that the people in the community are doing it right, and that there are people out there doing what they can to help, especially in communities where they’re not really connected to the rest of society.

What is the most memorable part of your show?

It all comes down to that sense of community.

Carole says she thinks that when she’s doing her show, she tries to make sure that people in her community can talk about it.

When she does her show and she’s in a community and she sees people doing their thing, she’s always excited.

And I think that’s part of the charm of her show.

Carolyne says that her favourite thing about being a tooth fairy or a dentist is that it makes people feel like they’re in a place that’s their own, and they’re able to go out there and be themselves. 

What is your favorite Tooth Fairy?

When I first started doing my show, the people that were the most popular people to see were people who were older, or were married, or had children, and we also had to be careful that we were careful about not saying too much about it because you just don’t want to get your message across.

Derema Drouinet is a CBC journalist and CBC Radio contributor.

She has worked as a journalist in Quebec City since 2010.

Her first television show was in 2015.

She also has worked in journalism in other parts of Canada, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Follow Carole on Twitter @derema.

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