If you’re worried about tooth decay, you’ve probably heard it before: it’s not the bad teeth that cause it, but the bad toothpaste.

According to research published in the American Journal of Dentistry, brushing with toothpastes can actually increase your chances of tooth decay.

Researchers from the University of Michigan’s College of Dentistics examined the impact of toothpast-laced toothpasters on the composition of tooth enamel in patients with cavities.

They found that patients with mild to moderate tooth decay had the highest levels of plaque in their enamel, while those with moderate or severe tooth decay tended to have the lowest levels.

The researchers then looked at the relationship between toothpaste use and plaque.

A high level of plaque is associated with poor oral hygiene and poor oral health.

In this study, the researchers found that the people who used the most toothpastries had the greatest likelihood of having a tooth that developed cavities, which they called “white-colored” tooth decay due to the whiteness of the tooth’s enamel.

Other studies have shown that brushing with white-colored toothpastess can also lead to more plaque.

The researchers were not able to determine the exact cause of the relationship, but said it could be due to differences in the way white-coloured toothpastoms are used and how often they are used.

If you think your dentist might be using a toothpaste that’s too white, it might be best to ask for a different toothpaste or toothpaste made from a different ingredient, like zinc oxide, they said.

Dr. Mark Wills, a clinical associate professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University at Albany School of Medicine, told ABC News he thinks white-Coloured toothpaste may be a myth because toothpaste manufacturers have been using it for years and it’s been shown to be safe.

“There’s some evidence that white-C-Colour toothpastemes are associated with less plaque, but I would not rule out the possibility that it’s just a coincidence,” Dr. Wills said.

“It’s possible that if you have moderate or very severe tooth loss, the combination of the two will cause tooth decay.”

Dr. Will added that toothpaste-licking may be beneficial for some people with white coloured tooth decay who have a hard time chewing gum.

He also said it’s important to use a toothbrush that’s compatible with your mouth, because it may not be able to remove toothpaste as easily.

You can find toothpaste for the price of a pack of gum at your local grocery store.

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