The idea of a tooth sift has been around for years.

But it was never made as widely available as it is today. 

Tooth implant technology is a relatively new and innovative dental technology, first demonstrated by a team at the University of Chicago.

Researchers at the institution created a tooth implant that allows patients to have an implantable tooth removed. 

The device uses a tooth, typically a root, which is placed in a sieve and a toothpaste is injected. 

A piece of toothpaste called a tooth sealer helps hold the tooth in place.

The tooth sealers are then implanted into a patient’s jaw and the patient is able to eat and drink with minimal pain.

It’s not the first time this technology has been used to treat people who have lost a tooth.

In March 2017, scientists at Duke University reported a tooth removal procedure that was performed by placing a tooth in a tooth paste that was then injected into a healthy patient’s tooth.

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