The word tooth, the most common of the five types of teeth, is the oldest word in English, dating back to about the 8th century.

Its roots are the same as those of the word “tooth.”

The word toothpaste refers to toothpaste.

Toothpaste is the most widely used toothpaste and the most commonly used brush.

Toothbrush is a term that applies to both toothpaste as well as toothbrush.

But toothpaste is generally used more often than toothbrush because toothpaste tends to last longer than toothbrushes.

It’s also a term used to describe the bristles on toothbrush bristles.

The word tooth is also the oldest of the seven types of tooth, but it is the least common.

It was first used in ancient times, but the word was first introduced to us as a word of the verb tooth, meaning to chew, and not to chew on.

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