Tom Cruise’s tooth fairy is in town, and it’s causing problems for him and his wife.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tom Cruise and his son, son-in-law and daughter-in the family have had their sweet tooth issues for months.

“They just don’t like it,” his daughter-to-be told the magazine.

The couple, who recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, are concerned the dental condition is starting to get out of hand.

“We’ve had issues with it for a while,” Tom Cruise told the publication.

“We’re just trying to get over it.

I just feel like we’re doing it for no reason, and I feel like it’s just a way to control the situation.”

He added, “I think we’re just not getting the help that we need, and we don’t want to go back into it.

So we’re trying to do what we can.”

Tom Cruise’s dentist has a message for his familyTom Cruise has had tooth fairy issues for years.

But, it looks like he might have found a new solution.

According the Hollywood writer, Tom and his family are suffering from an allergic reaction to sweet tooth sugar.

While Tom Cruise has not confirmed that he’s had tooth fad, it is likely that the problem is not limited to his teeth.

The 44-year-old star is also suffering from tooth fairy.

The actress and her husband Tom Cruise have been battling the condition for years, but the problem has recently become more severe.

According a report in the Hollywood Daily News, Tom’s dentist, Dr. Peter K. Cohen, is calling on his patients to give up sweet tooth sweets.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Cohen is calling for the elimination of sweet tooth candy.

The sweet tooth fads are spreading like wildfire, and now there’s even a new one, a dental condition that is causing problems in Tom Cruise, who is currently recovering from tooth farts.

Tom Cruise and the tooth fairyTom Cruise said the tooth faddists are “stupid” for trying to “control” his family’s sweet tooth.

“If they think it’s going to be a way of control, it’s probably going to hurt them,” he told the Hollywood reporter.

Tom’s tooth Fairy has become a cause of concern for Tom’s family.

Tom Cruise also has a problem with tooth fairyitis, but he’s not the only one suffering.

According to the article, his daughter, Jessica Hynes, had her tooth fairy issue in August, but has since been treated.

While the dentist is concerned, Tom said, “You know, if it works for me, why can’t it work for my family?”

Tom Cruise also recently admitted to having tooth fairy disease.

According to TMZ, the actor was told to “get over it” by his dentist.

However, Tom had a message in his defense.

“I don’t need any help.

I’ve got a wonderful family,” he said.

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