A tooth found in a woman’s mouth has been described as “one of the most extraordinary” in her collection.

A tooth found on the back of an iPhone has been given the name “Wisdom” and it’s one of only a handful found in Apple’s collection, which is believed to be worth more than £1 billion.

It was discovered in the woman’s stomach, on her back, and was in the shape of a wispy little bud.

A specialist team of dental students from the University of Nottingham discovered the tooth and identified it as a wisdom tooth, or tooth bud, and a member of the genus Dendrochauna.

It has been dubbed “the most amazing thing” and the most valuable, as it was discovered with no obvious damage, and is thought to be the work of a single individual.

Professor Simon Wren, from the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, said: “It’s a rare species, but it’s certainly unique.”

Its not a normal tooth.

We don’t see them in the wild, but they do appear in collections.

“It’s quite unique, with only one specimen from the genus.”

Prof Wren said the tooth was found in the back seat of the woman, but could only be identified by comparing it to the original owner’s iPhone.

He said: ‘It was a very interesting case, and its unusual.’

It was the only one that could be identified from the owner’s phone, because she had no other evidence of its origin.’

We could then look at the iPhone and see that it was a single tooth from the same genus.’

In this case, we have the most amazing find of any tooth found.’

The tooth, believed to have been extracted from the woman after her husband’s death, has been put on display for the first time at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in London.

The researchers hope it will encourage other owners to report the tooth to the Royal College of General Dentistry.

Professor Wren added: ‘In a world where smartphones are becoming a standard, it’s a really rare find to find in this way.’

I think its important to have these kinds of artefacts around to remind us what we’re dealing with, and hopefully people will be able to tell us what’s really important.’

But it’s also important to remember, this is just a tooth.

It’s not a complete specimen.’

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