A man with a bear tooth has been saved from a dentist’s malpractice suit after the dentist accidentally hit it with his machete while cutting the man’s face.RTE’s Paul Gallagher reported on the man, who is a retired police officer, who received treatment at the Derry City Hospital.

The man, known as Michael, told RTE’s Gallagher that he was hit in the mouth by the dentist’s macheter while cutting his face at the front door of his house in Co Tyrone on January 3.

“I was cut, I’m lucky I was not dead,” he said.

“It was quite a violent blow and it knocked my jaw and my teeth out.”

Luckily I was conscious and I’ve had some reconstructive surgery done and that’s all I needed.

“Michael said he was told that he had suffered a traumatic blow to his head, but he was still unable to walk due to his injuries.”

They told me to keep on walking because I’ve got a broken jaw,” he explained.”

After a while I couldn’t walk, so I was put into the boot of a car.

“The dentist was unaware of the damage and the man was allowed to walk home.”

He took his time and when he was done he handed me a letter saying I’d been taken to hospital for a check-up,” he told Rte.

The incident took place in front of the front doors of the house, and Michael said he felt the dentist “didn’t do anything wrong”.”

I think it was quite rude of him to say that he did not do anything.

“When he left I was like ‘oh my God, this is ridiculous, what a rip off’,” he said, adding that the dentist apologised to him.

“In hindsight I don’t know why he didn’t get a proper check-out and I think he should have done that.”

The man said he had been on disability for the past 18 months and had a bad back.

“All my teeth have been knocked out and I have a chip in my tooth,” he added.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk again.”

You can see how badly I’ve been affected.

It’s not easy to get around.

“Michael was able to get home in time for Christmas Day.

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