Posted December 04, 2018 18:25:00 A young Australian man who had been bitten by a shark while playing in the Tasmanian wilderness has died after a series of operations to remove his teeth.

The Tasmanian Government has paid for the dental treatment of Matthew Scott and his wife, Rhonda, who live in South Australia.

Mr Scott was playing in his family’s remote area on the North West coast of the state when he was bitten by the large shark.

His wife, also 22, sustained multiple bites to her mouth, neck and hand and suffered a fracture to her skull.

Doctors performed a series on the family’s land in the North Macquarie Wilderness in the Southern Highlands.

Mr Nelson, who was bitten while playing with a dog, underwent a series at the local community hospital in nearby Goulburn.

The couple had a heart transplant in June and the new organs were delivered in January.

Matthew Scott’s wife Rhonda Scott is left with her jawbone and her teeth, which are now almost fully extracted.

She said she hoped to get her jaw reconstructed as soon as possible.

“I really want to get my jaw and everything out of there, get my teeth, my jaw, and just get it fixed and done,” she said.

“There’s no way I’m going to be able to get it out of here.”

Mr Nelson said he had been playing on the land with his wife and children since the attack.

“My wife is in a wheelchair and she’s in a lot of pain, she’s going through a lot,” he said.

Matthew and Rhonda Nelson have been living on the remote land with their dogs for about a year.

“We’ve been up there playing a lot, we’ve been here since June, we have a house here and that’s where we’ve got our house and it’s just nice to be here,” he explained.

“The kids are really enjoying it, they’re having a great time here, so hopefully we can keep it going.”

Dr Craig Fenske, from the Tasman Department of Primary Industries and Sustainability, said the dental procedures had been done to save time for the family.

“It’s the first time we’ve had a major dental procedure done, we’re still waiting for the other two, but we’re hoping that it will be completed by the time Matthew gets home,” he told ABC Radio Hobart.

“In terms of the overall safety, it’s going to make the life of the family much easier.”

This is a very serious matter, it involves a young adult.

“Dr Fensky said while there had been an increase in shark attacks in recent years, the Tasman Peninsula was the most dangerous area in the state.”

If you think about the numbers of shark attacks that occur there and the people who are bitten and killed, it just doesn’t get much worse than that,” he added.”

Tooth extraction is a relatively common procedure and it should be used as part of a dental procedure in this instance.

“Mr Scott’s son, Matthew, who is a keen hunter, said it was a bittersweet moment.”

Obviously it’s sad, but it’s great for the kids to see their dad get a little bit better,” he wrote on Facebook.”

He’s going back to work and it’ll be nice to see him back there, there’s no doubt about it.

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