What is the word rotten?

It comes from the Greek word rotten, meaning “wicked,” which in turn comes from “rudimentary,” meaning “in disrepair.”

A rotten tooth is the opposite of a good one, and it can cause infection or even lead to death.

So, what does the word mean?

According to Wikipedia, “Rudimentary tooth decay is the progressive weakening of the teeth that occurs when a tooth becomes eroded or damaged, which can lead to decay and infection.”

That’s where the word “tooth” comes in.

In English, toothy is a “skeletal term” that refers to “flesh or soft tissue that is broken down and reabsorbed from the bones and soft tissues of the body.”

A tooth is made up of bones, which are soft and can easily break down.

So if a tooth is rotten, then the bone that holds it in place is broken.

It also can be infected, so it’s also a bad thing.

But if the tooth is clean, it’s fine.

So what does rotten mean?

Toothy is the most common cause of tooth decay, according to the National Institute of Health.

But it’s not the only one.

A lot of other dental problems are also caused by rotten teeth.

In fact, a lot of diseases and conditions are caused by rotting teeth, including obesity, heart disease, and even diabetes.

It’s also linked to the increased risk of developing certain cancers and heart disease.

So you might want to know the truth about rotten teeth before you decide to take them out, right?


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