A tooth fairy from Texas, a Disney princess from the Disney Channel and the star of a YouTube video series died Thursday at age 57.

According to the Dallas Morning News, The Tooth Fairy, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to children’s and family entertainment, was recently honored with a spot on Disney XD’s “Trouble in Mind.”

The channel has over 15 million subscribers and features clips from family shows, animated movies and even some family-friendly films.

The channel has been nominated for a variety of awards, including best family channel, most viewed video and best family comedy.

In a video posted on The Toothfuls official Facebook page, the channel said that it was made possible by a generous gift from the community.

“We’re just really happy to share this with you all, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you,” the post reads.

“We’ve been here all day, every day since the show premiered, and it’s just been an incredible experience.”

“It’s really touched our community and the entire industry that we all love so much.

We’re all really proud of what we’ve accomplished, and how it’s changed our lives.

We know we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.

We’ve been really blessed and thankful for the outpouring of love, support and support from the world, and especially our fans.

I wish we could take more from this.”

In the post, the Tooth Fairy also shared a photo of its new home, and thanked fans for their support.

“It truly feels like home for us.

And we’ll miss you,” it wrote.”

Love always wins.

Thank you for all the love and support,” it added.

The Toothful channel was founded in 2009 by James and Susan Schall, who had been raising money to provide dental care for their three children, ages 3, 7 and 12.

The Schall family, along with the Schall brothers and their children, are known for the channel’s videos featuring Disney characters, which often feature scenes of children with dentures and braces.

The Schall Brothers were nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s TV Program in 2017 for their series “Touched by Tooth Fairy.”

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