On February 1, 2013, a video went viral on YouTube of a woman in China who wore a necklace with the words “Shark teeth necklace” around her neck.

The necklace’s makers say the necklaces were meant to evoke the images of sharks and the sharks are depicted in the necklace’s design.

The Chinese government banned the use of shark fin in cosmetics in 2008 and some people have claimed the neckties are a symbol of animal cruelty.

In April, the American Museum of Natural History released a new exhibit on shark bites, including one called Shark Bite: The History of a Monster.

“We think there’s something very appealing in the idea that sharks and sharks are so similar,” said Matthew G. T. Brown, a professor of animal medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, who co-wrote the book Shark Bite.

Brown said that he had long dreamed of wearing a necklace made of sharks’ teeth to evoke these iconic images.

Brown has researched shark bites since 1994 and says he has seen more than 150 shark bites on a single day.

Tiny tooth necklace is a very small piece of jewelry, he said.

You can have a lot of different things in your life and if you’re really interested in the history of sharks, you can have something really big and very valuable.

“Brown said he has never seen a shark bite.

But when he saw the necklace on sale in the US, he had to see for himself.

The necklace is made of two pieces of steel wire, with a diamond embedded in each piece.

The shark teeth were cut off the necklace and attached to the wire.

The jewelry was meant to symbolize the two animals that Brown said are most closely related to each other: sharks and torsos.

The jewelry’s makers have a long history of using shark teeth in jewelry, Brown said.

The necklacing was designed by Wang Zhong-feng, who is also a professor in the department of materials science and engineering at China Academy of Sciences.

The necklace’s creators say the shark teeth are a symbolic symbol of the animal’s “beautiful teeth” and that it can be worn by both sexes and ages.

To get the necklace made, Brown bought a piece of steel from China and cut it into the shape of a shark’s tooth.

The teeth were then cut and put together in the shape the necklace was supposed to be.

He then attached the necklace to a piece to make the bracelet.

Brown said the necklace itself was designed for people between the ages of 18 and 40, and it will sell for $1,500.

People have been wearing the necklace since the late 1990s, and Brown said that now it is a fashion item.

As people became more aware of the shark bite in China, more people began to see the jewelry as a symbol that symbolizes both the animals’ similarity and their commonalities.

On the other hand, Brown and other shark bite researchers said that the jewelry does not convey the true meaning of the bite, which was inflicted by an alligator.

Brown told ABC News that his research showed that the necklace is symbolic of both sharks and their bite.

The necklaced necklace is one of a handful of shark bite necklays to have been released by sharkbite.org, a nonprofit website that aims to educate people about the importance of shark conservation and the need to protect endangered species.

Other necklacerations by women include one made by a mother in a Louisiana store in 2011 that featured the words: “I will teach you to be a better mom.

If you want to learn, buy this necklace.

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