In the first season of The Blacklist, The Venture Brothers are hired by an organization called the Blacklist to investigate a deadly criminal organization called The Venture Fund.

It’s up to them to unravel the criminal organization, but the team is faced with a number of challenges.

In this episode of Blacklist Season 2, we get a taste of the world of The Fund as we learn the Black List is run by an evil organization called a “Goliath” who is controlling the funds.

In order to stop this evil organization from becoming a real threat to the world, The Black List has hired a group of superheroes called the “Sons of Anarchy” to help with their investigation.

The first episode in the Blacklists second season has a few big changes in that episode, including a new name, the return of the Venture Brothers nemesis, and a new episode that introduces the Sons of Anarchy to the show.

It seems like the BlackList is heading in a very different direction than the first one, but with the help of some new characters, the show is going to be able to keep things fresh for a while.

This is a great first episode for the series as the show has a solid premise and some good characters to start off with.

The Blacklists season 2 has some strong plot lines, and it will be interesting to see how the show can take advantage of these.

I like that the show isn’t just trying to make an excuse to get to a cliffhanger, but also to show off some of the characters that we’ve grown to love.

I am a fan of the Sons, and the introduction of them in this episode was a great addition to the series.

Blacklist Season 1 has been a great success for the show, and this season seems like a great opportunity for The BlackList to get a little more serious with its plot.

As a former Blacklist fan, I’m excited to see what new characters can come in Season 2 and hopefully get some good character moments that can bring some laughs to our television screens.

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