Australia braces for baby tooth implants and dentin replacement as mercury goes up

A new coronavirus has hit Australia, dentists say, as the number of babies suffering from the virus continues to climb.Key points:More than 10,000 Australians have been diagnosed with coronaviruses so far, with more than 3,500 deathsThe coronaviral death toll has climbed to more than 10 and more than 800 have died in New South Wales, Queensland, the ACT and the […]

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How to remove a tooth fairy in a tooth and tail fairy

Avulsed teeth are not to be messed with, but they can be a bit annoying.This article shows you how to remove them with a tooth Fairy, or how to take the tooth fairy to the vet for an evaluation.Avulses are a nasty disease, and if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to the tooth crown.Avulsion can cause: tooth pain Avulsion […]

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Baby tooth decay rates soar as shark tooth tooth identification helps with dental care

NEW YORK (AP) Nearly 20 million adults in the United States are missing teeth, according to dental researchers.The study is part of a larger trend that shows the prevalence of tooth loss in the U.S. has been rising.Researchers say a growing number of patients are being given the option to get their teeth whitened or to get dental implants that […]

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