Which Tooth Fairy Is Right For You?

The tooth fairy is the ultimate fairy tale.A fairy tale is a story about an old woman who saves her son from a dragon.It’s an old fairy tale about a man who can see ghosts.And it’s an ancient fairy tale that describes the evolution of man from a primitive hunter-gatherer tribe to a modern civilization that relies on machines to […]

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Baby tooth decay rates soar as shark tooth tooth identification helps with dental care

NEW YORK (AP) Nearly 20 million adults in the United States are missing teeth, according to dental researchers.The study is part of a larger trend that shows the prevalence of tooth loss in the U.S. has been rising.Researchers say a growing number of patients are being given the option to get their teeth whitened or to get dental implants that […]

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How to prevent baby shark teeth from dying

A baby shark’s tooth, which may have been damaged by its owner, could be causing tooth decay and bleaching.A new study finds that the dentin of the baby shark can degrade faster than a baby’s tooth.It’s not clear why the tooth needs to age to this extent, but the researchers say the study provides new insights into the mechanism by […]

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