What is rotten wisdom teeth?

What is the word rotten?It comes from the Greek word rotten, meaning “wicked,” which in turn comes from “rudimentary,” meaning “in disrepair.”A rotten tooth is the opposite of a good one, and it can cause infection or even lead to death.So, what does the word mean?According to Wikipedia, “Rudimentary tooth decay is the progressive weakening of the teeth that occurs […]

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New South Wales: Three new cases of dental abscessed in a year

New South’s dental health crisis has seen three new cases, with three more expected to be found, after a major coronavirus outbreak in Western Australia.New South Wales Chief Health Officer, Dr Steve McQueen, said the state’s new coronaviruses, which are now the worst in Australia, were being spread widely, but the outbreak was still being monitored and contained.He said the […]

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