Who are the top four players in the NHL this year?

There’s no denying it.There’s only one thing missing from this list.No matter how good the players are, their careers are going to be long.For every great prospect that emerges, there’s a new one that has yet to crack the lineup.This season is an exception to the rule.As the NHL season has kicked off, it’s been a banner year for the […]

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How to identify broken wisdom tooth

CBC News has learned that the broken wisdom teeth of some Ontario children are coming from people who didn’t take a proper dentist’s advice.A new report from the Ontario Health Department found that between 2011 and 2016, a quarter of all Ontario children had broken wisdom dentures, compared to 11 per cent in 2014.In the province’s largest city, Oshawa, the […]

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When gold crowns go wrong, there’s a new trend to combat them

This article was originally published on The Verge and was republished with permission.Read moreThe world of gold crowning is a strange one.The metal is widely revered, but its price and the price of diamonds are volatile.That’s partly because it’s the metal’s main competitor, silver.The price of gold, on the other hand, has been going up and up in recent years.It’s […]

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