An Interview With The Creepiest Man In The World: The Weirdest Man In America

The creepiest man in America is Donald Trump, and he’s not the only one.There are others, but the one you’re about to see is no ordinary creepy man.We’ve got the real deal.It’s Trump, he’s the weirdest man in the world.You don’t think Donald Trump is weird?This is how he sounds when he talks to us.We love him for being weird, […]

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New South Wales: Three new cases of dental abscessed in a year

New South’s dental health crisis has seen three new cases, with three more expected to be found, after a major coronavirus outbreak in Western Australia.New South Wales Chief Health Officer, Dr Steve McQueen, said the state’s new coronaviruses, which are now the worst in Australia, were being spread widely, but the outbreak was still being monitored and contained.He said the […]

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