How to Stop Teeth Barking in the Dark

The next time you get a shark bite, don’t try to stop it by cutting away at the shark’s teeth.A new study from the University of Michigan shows that biting into teeth can actually reduce the chance of them turning into a deadly infection, and the teeth will be less likely to grow back.Dr. Peter Gebhardt, a professor of dentistry […]

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‘Scuba Diving’: How Sabers Tooth Anchovy Survived The Big One

On the day after Hurricane Irma, Sabers tooth anchorovy is the best thing to happen to shark fishing in Florida.Sabers is the world’s largest and most productive shark in Florida, and the South Florida Fishermen’s Association said it was in a good place to reopen its business.But it was still a disaster.More than 1,000 fish caught in Sabers were not […]

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How to use tooth cement in toothpaste

It’s a common sight on your supermarket shelf, but what about a tooth that can’t be washed?What about a broken tooth that you never use?Well, you can’t just throw them away and leave them lying around.There are many ways to keep teeth in place, but tooth cement is one of the best.It’s easy to use and is a very useful […]

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