When a toothbrush has a “deep” sound, you may want to take it away

By now, you know how many times we’ve had to take out a toothpaste or other toothbrush after accidentally sucking on a toothpick or other item.But a tooth brush that can “deepen” a tooth can be especially worrisome.A recent study in the Journal of the American Dental Association found that the deep sound of toothbrushes can trigger a range of […]

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What’s a baby tooth? – The Post

A baby tooth is the first tooth that comes to mind when you think of toothbrushing.It’s a simple, simple, and elegant way to remember your child’s first name, birth date, or birth month.It can also be a way to find out where your baby was born.It is, however, not an official name, and the meaning is not defined.The term baby […]

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How to save your tooth and your teeth fairy costume

The tooth fairy tale is a popular and beloved childhood favorite.It is a simple story about a boy who becomes the owner of a fairy that has a magical ability to turn any tooth into a fairy tooth.The tooth crown costs around $30 but the fairy can be purchased for as little as $10.There are many other things you can […]

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