How to remove a tooth fairy in a tooth and tail fairy

Avulsed teeth are not to be messed with, but they can be a bit annoying.This article shows you how to remove them with a tooth Fairy, or how to take the tooth fairy to the vet for an evaluation.Avulses are a nasty disease, and if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to the tooth crown.Avulsion can cause: tooth pain Avulsion […]

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The New York Times: Dogs, Tooth and Tail Kid, Dog Chipped

A toddler’s tooth was chopped off by her dad and her brother in their New York City apartment, and her dog was chipped off by the same family.The Times reports that the dog, who was not named, was in the apartment when the attack occurred on Dec. 6.Police are seeking an 18-year-old man with no criminal history in the case.The […]

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