What do we know about how teeth were made?

Tooth cement is a very common cement used for cementing teeth and ligaments.It is made from calcium carbonate.But how did teeth get cemented?This is a fascinating and somewhat puzzling question.Researchers in the U.S. have been studying tooth cement for a long time.They have long been interested in understanding how cementing works, and how it is made.The most recent study was […]

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How to deal with tooth pain after a shark bite

Posted December 04, 2018 18:25:00 A young Australian man who had been bitten by a shark while playing in the Tasmanian wilderness has died after a series of operations to remove his teeth.The Tasmanian Government has paid for the dental treatment of Matthew Scott and his wife, Rhonda, who live in South Australia.Mr Scott was playing in his family’s remote […]

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How to use tooth cement in toothpaste

It’s a common sight on your supermarket shelf, but what about a tooth that can’t be washed?What about a broken tooth that you never use?Well, you can’t just throw them away and leave them lying around.There are many ways to keep teeth in place, but tooth cement is one of the best.It’s easy to use and is a very useful […]

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