What is rotten wisdom teeth?

What is the word rotten?It comes from the Greek word rotten, meaning “wicked,” which in turn comes from “rudimentary,” meaning “in disrepair.”A rotten tooth is the opposite of a good one, and it can cause infection or even lead to death.So, what does the word mean?According to Wikipedia, “Rudimentary tooth decay is the progressive weakening of the teeth that occurs […]

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YouTuber, dental fairy movie star dies at 57

A tooth fairy from Texas, a Disney princess from the Disney Channel and the star of a YouTube video series died Thursday at age 57.According to the Dallas Morning News, The Tooth Fairy, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to children’s and family entertainment, was recently honored with a spot on Disney XD’s “Trouble in Mind.”The channel has over 15 million […]

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How to buy a tooth fairy and other Disney-themed toys for kids

The Walt Disney Company has released a brand new line of Disney-branded tooth fairy toys for preschoolers.The new line includes a tooth pick, a water bucket, a toothbrush, a bottle opener, and a small “Tiny Tooth Fairy” doll.The tooth fairy dolls will be available in December at $1.99 each and include a Disney Princess, Princess Jasmine, Belle, and Mulan.The dolls […]

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