Team USA faces tooth fairy in final in World Cup

Players, coaches and officials alike are in high spirits after their World Cup team went through a rough patch during the first half of the tournament.It’s a story that could have been much worse if not for the heroic efforts of some players, coaches, and officials.Here’s a look at some of the most notable moments of the USA-Belarus game:

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How to prevent tooth infections by putting a spoonful of toothpaste into your mouth

Posted June 09, 2019 05:31:50 A new study finds that a spoon of toothpastes can reduce the risk of tooth infections, even if they are stored in the mouth and swallowed.The research, published today in the journal PLoS One, found that the toothpaste reduces the risk for infection by more than 95% when compared to a placebo.In fact, it had […]

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