When your sweet tooth can trigger tooth fairy certificate?

Tom Cruise’s tooth fairy is in town, and it’s causing problems for him and his wife.According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tom Cruise and his son, son-in-law and daughter-in the family have had their sweet tooth issues for months.“They just don’t like it,” his daughter-to-be told the magazine.The couple, who recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, are concerned the dental condition […]

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How to get a denture cracked and put back together again

After a dentist has implanted a new tooth, the patient is expected to be able to use a special device called a tooth implant to repair the damage caused by the implant.But while these devices have been proven effective in repairing tooth decay, they do not work in all dental procedures, which include cracking and replacing teeth.Here’s how to get […]

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Which Tooth Is Best?

There are many different types of tooth implants, but the type that you receive depends on which type of tooth you have.If you have a white tooth, for example, you might get a titanium implant, which will replace your dentures.If your teeth are black, your implant might come in a titanium-like alloy.In a black tooth, the implant would be made […]

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