The world’s most expensive tooth restoration?

The world has become obsessed with tooth decay, and tooth restoration is a booming business.But how do you pay for the most expensive restoration ever? Tooth restoration has become so expensive that some companies even offer to take your money. But how do we pay for it?Here are some things to keep in mind:1.The average tooth restoration costs $25,000, or $300,000 in […]

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How to get your teeth back in style: From dentists to dental implants

By KAREN LEWIS-HARLAN, AP WriterThe average life span of a tooth is about eight years, but a lot can happen in those eight years.That includes what happens after that.The more likely time for your teeth to break is after age 40, and after that, the chances of having a permanent denture or implants are even lower.The best thing you can […]

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How to save your tooth and your teeth fairy costume

The tooth fairy tale is a popular and beloved childhood favorite.It is a simple story about a boy who becomes the owner of a fairy that has a magical ability to turn any tooth into a fairy tooth.The tooth crown costs around $30 but the fairy can be purchased for as little as $10.There are many other things you can […]

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