How to make your own tooth fairy horror egg wallpaper

When I first saw the Tooth Fairy egg, I was like, “This is the most badass egg ever!”Tooth Fairy is the new Disney-esque monster from The Muppet Show.The Tooth Fairy lives in a tree, and it’s a magical egg that comes alive whenever you feed it.It has a glowing eye that you can interact with and it looks like an […]

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‘A cat tooth abscession has gone viral’: Study

The study showed that in India, the average age of first tooth absolutions has risen to 40 years and that the prevalence of tooth enamel loss was increasing, suggesting that it could be due to dental diseases or underlying conditions.However, the study also said that the incidence of tooth loss had increased, with up to three-quarters of people having tooth […]

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Which dentist can you trust?

The tooth crowns that have been used for thousands of years are finally being replaced.But for some patients, they may be difficult to find.A study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that the popularity of the dental crown has dropped off significantly over the past decade.Researchers analyzed the data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National […]

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